MIU MIU for kitty-catting around

It wasn’t hard to pick the next sample. Red and turquoise look so good together:


There’s something I really like about this scent. Something familiar and a little retro. Like a pleasant hint of vintage avon-solid perfume.  But where would I wear this?

Luckily, in my recent research, I’ve found that some fragrance videos are more instructive, like this one:

You know how sometimes you’re shopping with friends and someone will come out of the dressing room with some blouse on and y’all will be like, “oh that’s cute, that would be good for like walking around”?  Yeah we all need a story for something. We need to visualize ourselves using beautiful things even if it is just for walking around. MIU MIU perfume would be good for playing “kitty” and rolling around on an area rug.

I consider MIU MIU the high-fash brand of the high fashion people that consider themselves quirky so I feel hip and validated that I like this fragrance.

Sephora writes this about MIU MIU:

With Miu Miu, nothing is ever exactly what it seems because the codes of real and artificial, fantasy and reality, classic and modern, are always twisted and reworked. There is a coy, mischievous quality to everything in the brand; it flirts with, and upsets, expectations

MIU MIU FragranceL

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Florals

Key Notes: Lily of the Valley, Akigalawood, Sandalwood

Miu Miu Eau de Parfum starts with an elegant, sensual floral—lily of the valley—composed of real jasmine, real rose absolute, and synthetic green notes. The soft, fresh, ingénue scent is set against a deep earth-toned background: the wood and pepper of akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. The akigalawood adds a rich, brooding mystery to the subtle sparkle of the floral. The surprising combination feels natural and timeless—flower and earth—but the effect created by the multifaceted process is utterly contemporary.  

Jasmine! Lily of the Valley! I knew it.

Here’s where I confess my love of lily of the valley scented dusting powder.  I’ve been meaning to do a couple posts on things I think don’t stink. Things I really like smelling and here’s my chance to introduce the spin-off:  DUSTING POWDER.

If you aren’t into dusting powders that’s ok. They aren’t for everyone. You may not have things or body parts that need dusting. Or maybe you live in the desert.

I’ve long been a fan of Lush’s Silky Underwear, but my budget brand is currently Taylor of London:


You have to be secure to wear Lily of the Valley.  Wearing dusting powder is twisting a re-working an age-old retirement home favorite.

Finding ways to make your mark in the world. One timeless fragrance at a time.

Eighth Sample Breakdown

Terms and other things learned:

Akigalawood: Akigalawood is a perfume note which was fractionated from patchouli oil and is used by Givaudan. Its odor is described as woody, spicy and floral.

Lily of the Valley: green floral with a clean and bright profile, sweetish jasmine-like without the indolic nuance of the latter when used with other florals

Things to work on: 

  1. Area rug rolling
  2. Wearing more red and turquoise together
  3. Flirting with and upsetting expectations  – just like Miu Miu

Magic, luck, or compliments this fragrance brought me:

I took a couple tests this week to do copyrighting and ghost writing and confirmed that I need to brush up on my grammar skills and that I might not make a good dating site profile ghostwriter.

The evening ended with a really great lightening storm.  Was it the fragrance? One doesn’t know. 

Websites discovered:



Life & Roses (de Chloe)

Roses smell so good people are always telling you to stop and smell them.  Therefore, The hope of wearing a perfume with roses in it is that a desirable someone will stop to smell you.


I chose Roses de Chloe for my next sample because it was a Friday, roses are symbolic of Venus and Venus is making major astrological moves right now and Friday is Venus’s day .

You may know that the rose is of course an important symbol of love and that it’s the official state flower of New York, but did you know that “the rose has always been an important symbol with anti-authoritarian associations.” and it is one half of the symbol for the band Guns N Roses? Ok you probably knew that.

My point is roses are powerful.

And according to Chloe, delicate.

Inside the sample card in all caps: “THE DELICATE & GRACEFUL SCENT OF FRESH CUT ROSES.”  Trust me, it appears much more delicate in Chloe all-caps:


First spray thoughts:  Prom corsages and baby’s breath, brand new toe-shoes, and $9,000 sundresses.    I like it even though it’s a bit powdery and I know they snuck musk in there somewhere (because I read it’s part of the signature Chloe fragrance). It’s rose-forward enough. 

From Chloe:

“A bouquet of fresh cut roses. The rose immediately exudes incredible freshness derived from the top note bergamot. It is gradually joined by a heart of damascena rose essence, modernized with a magnolia accord. The trail on the skin is of white musk and amber, signature of the Chloé house.”


  • Top: bergamot, tea, osmanthus.
  • Middle: damascena rose, magnolia.
  • Base: white musk, amber.

Imagine my horror when I heard there was Bergamot in here. But again, I guess, like with Pernod, if you know how to mix it, it can be ok.

I found their fragrance launch video particularly gorgeous: 

It reminds me of an olympic opening ceremony but softer and dustier and gauzier. Makes me want to trade in my grey and black wardrobe for dusty rose, but we can’t all live in a Chloe world. I’m glad I got to for the two days this sample lasted. 

Fifth Sample Breakdown

Terms learned:

Magnolia:  I live in the south so I KNOW what magnolia is but I hadn’t caught it as a fragrance note yet.  From a fragrance site    “Magnolia is believed to be one of the most ancient flowering plants. Dinosaurs saw Magnolias blossoming. There were no bees back then but beetles, creatures three times older than the magnolia, extracted the magnolia’s protein-rich pollen, as they still do nowadays.”

Things to work on:  

  1. Toe shoes
  2. Appreciating Magnolias more