The Eclipsed Scent: Exotic Coconut

I’m back!  You’re eyes are not deceiving you – this blog experienced an eclipse the past few months. It can happen to even the best blogs and sometimes it is a sign that they should be permanently retired but I dig this concept and I still have a crapload of perfume samples so I’ll be here until the last tuberose has been sniffed.  

I was really getting into learning all about scents and was so inspired to branch out into all other kinds of writing and then – then I got busy with producing an art show and then I got a job, job.  It all happened so fast that I lost sight of what got me through the hard times: teeny perfume samples!

I’m back now with a less aggressive posting schedule.   In honor of eclipse season, specifically the recent lunar eclipse that asked us all to shed what is not serving us. (Or something like that).  I’ve decided to take it way back, to dig into a vintage scent. The discontinued “Exotic Coconut” from Bath & Body Works.   

I know Bath & Body Works scents are known for subtly, freshness, or delicacy but every once in a while they have one that hits.  And I’m not the only person who is into this scent. Look how much just a bottle of some crappy lotion is selling for on the internet:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 10.13.30 AM

You’re seeing that correctly – one bottle can sell for up to $230! And it’s just a bunch of parabens and mineral oils and coconuts.

There’s been a cloudy bottle of Exotic Coconut lotion with about about .5 OZ left, just hanging out on my vanity for a couple years. Yes.  I was saving it for some reason. A special date? A beach trip? Just to have and smell when I want to feel nostalgic? The smell reminds me of a trip to Maui with friends, the outlet store near my parents house in southern Michigan, and the summers of the 00s.   Maybe it wasn’t about saving it for some day, but not wanting to say goodbye to outlet malls and low-rise jeans?

Time to say goodbye. In honor of the last time I (tried to) use it, here is a slo-mo video I now call “Desperation Squeeze”:

Scent info:

Exotic Coconut (retired twice by Bath & Body Works):

  • Top: Papaya, Guava, Pineapple
  • Mid: Toasted Coconut, Milk Accord, Vanilla Bean
  • Dry: Creamy Musk, Warm Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

A tropical getaway to a balmy island escape. (Must be the Tonka Bean)

Let me know what you’ve been holding onto, what scents make you nostalgic, what you are doing for eclipse season.

I’ll be back with a perfume sample review in a few days.


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